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Ink in Stereo

About Ink in Stereo

Ink in Stereo started with the idea that the local music should be much more accessible than it is now. We wanted to make a place where people could find great bands, read about those bands, and hear their great music. We provide interviews, music from bands around the nation, and reviews for you to enjoy. We have since picked up speed, and we are expanding our vision. Local music is subjective, the internet is not; we are aiming higher, booking more, and bringing you the best in indie music. It will still be local in a sense; the bands and you, the fans, are all apart of this community here at Ink in Stereo.

It’s All About the Music

Ink in Stereo’s format has changed over the years. Bands used to play live in my studio and then I would interview them. The podcast will still have interviews and conversations but we will also feature much more music from more bands. This way you will get exposed to so much more great music and be able to support some of the bands you hear on the show. Ink also features articles, events calendar, and monthly artist or album spotlight. Our articles range form album reviews, band write ups, venue reviews, and advice in being a successful band. We have a D.I.Y. mentality, because Ink is just that, handmade with blood, sweat, and tears.

Each episode is now recorded live at ZeroVu Studios in Bel Air and will air once a month for now. Stay tuned!

This is for you

To you: the listener. Our goal is for you to find a band you might dig, or to help you find shows, places to hear music or even play at. There are stories behind these songs, histories of those who make up these bands. This is all for you, free, because we love music and we love (in a non-stalkery way) you.

-Rick McVick