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The Hep Cats

The Hep Cats

When one thinks of rockabilly, one may think 40’s, 50’s rebels who got a hold of a guitar along with too much energy. It was a counter culture lifestyle of pompadour haircuts, fast cars, and heart-breakers with ruby red lips no man could touch. Over the years, rockabilly took many turns, changed hands, was lost then found and yet somehow, retained that intrigue with a hint a danger and rebellion still left in.

The Hep Cats formed in December of last year, coming together to play rockabilly and roots music. They since caught on fire and have been playing regularly, invoking involuntary dancing, melting faces, and making great music. The Hep Cats cover some of the greatest rockabilly tunes, and some that may be less well known, and all played with a verve and passion that is almost an unspoken requirement of rockabilly.

They cut no corners, they have the gear, the look (complete with mustachioed upright bass player) and the musical chops to back it up. Listening to them live it is really hard to tell the difference between the originals, and their covers. The Hep Cats can nail Brian Setzer, and then interpret “Ghost riders in the sky” ala Johnny Cash wonderfully in their own way. All of the members have been playing music for awhile now so the quality of the tunes are amazing. A tight-nit group of players that click and are on the same page isn’t the easiest thing to come by, and seeing them live puts this into perspective in a positive way. They will get you moving, they will grasp your attention and you will be all the more pleased that you saw them, and if you haven’t yet, you should, you’re really missing out.

The Hep Cat’s have over 90 songs in their set list and are currently working on some originals which I am really excited to hear. This band is a lot of fun, so you can expect their tunes they are writing to be fun and energetic as well. They are playing regularly and you can find their shows on the Events Caledar section of the site.  Below you can find links to their Facebook and their Soundcloud as well as a few tunes they have recently recorded that just sound great. Check em out, listen to the tunes and give them some love, they deserve it.


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