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Support your local lushfarm!

Support your local lushfarm!

Time for new music!

lushfarm is pressing a new single and bside to 7″ vinyl and might I say, it sounds great. I had a great Friday night, in which I broke into their studio, and stole those tracks just to give you all a sneak peak. Now I have the power in this keyboard to leak those tracks but no! I won’t, for I am not a dick, just a thief. But beyond that they have a kick-starter to help support their 7″ and you can give them a hand, which I think you should, and get a whole vat load of goodies just for helping out. Why?

Here’s why..

The single “Stuck” and the bside “Friends” are taking their place in the grunge come back in such a good way. After my thieving, I took a listen, and what stood out to me the most was the warmth of these tracks. Thick bass lines mixed with warm fuzzed out guitar riffs backed up with drums that have that nice room feel and aren’t overly compressed. These songs will sound wonderful on vinyl with vinyls inherent imperfections and goodness. My personal favorite is “Friends”. It has this drone, shoegazy aspect which is just hitting me o’ so good. I tend to gush a lot but for a good reason, I like to write about the things that make me happy. I love hearing good music from the local area, and the fact that the mediums which these bands are using i.e. vinyl, is wonderful, its art. So come on, be a part of it, support your local music, and check out their kickstarter and give a fiver, or 500 fivers; either way send some love!


Kickstart the jams!


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