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Vinny Vegas album review!

Vinny Vegas album review!

Vinny VegasThis album has been out for a few weeks now, and among being one of my favorite releases this year, it keeps finding it’s way into my ears so its about time I write about it. Vinny Vegas is a rock band from Baltimore, MD with a few releases under their belt, but their latest release “The Big White Whale” is by far their most extensive and best sounding.  They mix multiple aspects of music together, along with obscure time signatures, to create a winding and unpredictable experience.

“The Big White Whale” is only 8 tracks in count, but it is a very dense 8 tracks. When you listen to the record  from front to back, you often forget that you are doing so, like it’s a journey that you get lost in, and that’s not at all a bad thing. There are times when it feels contemplative, or observational of the human condition, and then it can jump to a passionate realization of some reality of which you wish was, or wasn’t true. Yeah sure, all this is subjective, and not everyone will have invoked upon them the same feelings as I, but I can’t help but think this isn’t somewhat accurate to the song writing itself. Anyway, on to technical things!

The guitar on this disc hit me in the face. Each track it was changing and engaging. Earl’s guitar tone and orchestration were meticulously crafted, each note purposefully placed.  I hold guitar work at such a high standard, it can blend in and sound fine, sure, or it could be subtle yet so powerful. I felt this was the case on this album where the guitar riffs were created in such a way where the effects and playing style were molded around the song to best speak what was trying to be said. I could be over-analytical, so simply, the guitar work is amazing.

Scott, the main singer, does such a great job on this disc. He has great control of his voice and after going through their releases, I think this album is the best he’s done. Listening through the disc, the song “All the ways to crumble” is the song where I think his voice is best shown.  Scott’s vocals are pure, passionate and somewhat wavering at times and that only adds to the intimacy.

The percussion on this album does what percussion should do, drives this album and keeps things moving.  On this particular record I happen to love, again, “All the ways to crumble”. There’s just something about Jason’s tom work, and the transition from half time to double time in a few sections that just pulls this track together no one else could

All in all after that gushing of praise I don’t have much criticism. Sure I can nitpick but who the hell wants a perfect thing? After all its the dents that give things character. There’s honestly not one track not needed, nor is there room for anymore. I’m so glad to know these guys, to have seen them live, and have them on the show. Please, go see them, buy their music. It’s great stuff.

Here are a few links to their bandcamp and the show Scott come on to perform. I hope you enjoy.

Vinny Vegas Band Camp

Vinny Vegas Ink Session

-Rick McVick

Stream the Album!

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