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The new site and more content!

Yes, there's more.

The new site and more content!

So basically it’s like this.

Ink in Stereo is a thing, a thing! People are actually listening, and bands are genuinely interested in playing on the show. This is great new especially since I was so afraid to do this at the beginning. See, I started out with a four channel interface and 2 mics. Not much to do a live in studio podcast; but with the help of some friends, and an awesome wife who doesn’t care about strangers rummaging through our house twice a month, Ink is growing. How? and what is this about more content? I’ll explain but first, a quick history.

Ink in a nutshell

Ink in Stereo is an acoustic, live in studio podcast. Bands play live in my studio and then I interview them. This is all done in my house. I love local music, I’ve been in and out of the scene throughout the years and I want to do as much as I can for it and in it. Every month, twice a month, bands come in and in some form, play live in studio. Local musicians playing for you and letting me ask them questions about why the wrote a song. This is meant for you, the listener, to gain an insight to a band you might dig, or to help you find bands you might like. This is all for you, free, because I love you.

Yes, more content!

Now the new content. You can still look forward to the twice a month format, and I know it’s a bit sporadic, but there’s a schedule now. Wednesdays at 8pm shows will air every other week, so that ends up being twice a month. So please, subscribe to us on iTunes, or Stitcher. Leave reviews, it helps us! A part from that, articles will be going up on the off weeks and sometimes in between. Thee subjects of these articles will be album reviews, venue reviews, our up and coming D.I.Y. Corner for bands out there looking for some advice, and anything else we can think of. You’ll find these under the Rants and Reviews section.

Now listing events in the York, Lancaster, Harrisburg area

Also new is the Events calendar! I along with fellow contributors will try our best to keep this updated and you informed about whats going on in your area. Keep checking back often and get out to some local shows. Soon there will be other various way to interact with bands and venues in helping you find more local bands you might like, but more on that in the upcoming year.

If you have an event you would like us to add, just get in touch.

All for you, with love

All in all I hope you enjoy this show and what Ink is trying to do, as we love to do it for you. I mentioned now we have a few contributors, we are doing all this for free. All of the equipment is bought by me, out of pocket, and the time we spend writing, and recording is all given to you in love. All I ask is that you tell your friends about Ink in Stereo, push for the local music on here, I think it’s unlike anytime you’ve seen these bands play. There will come a time where I will ask for donations, and I hope some of you help, this stuff isn’t cheap, but will always be free.

Thanks for listening and spread the word!

-Rick McVicker & family.

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