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The Taste of Music

My mind on Spotify

Where do I get off?

So I’ve been wanting to write a little on the site about where I get off with my opinions. I wanted to have people get to know me, and why I like the music I like; if ever an explanation can be found or conceived. There is music I thoroughly enjoy, and other music that is okay at times, and stuff that is just bad. Ink is based on these ideals, but not set in them. I’ll have a band on the podcast I don’t like, or review their album. I’m not one to deprive others of showing their creativity just because I don’t get it. We all try to be critics, I don’t want to be. I give you my opinion, my thoughts, I don’t critique their music. Sure I might say a few things I might have done different, but I try to do it in a way where I don’t cast it in stone.

I just like to write about music.

Really. I know I have an ear for it, but the point is presenting my opinion in a way that won’t color it as a definitive point to someone else. Think about it, if I told you a band sucked, why should you believe me without checking them out first? I want none of you to trust my word, which sounds so arrogant. to say, but the bands I present to you all, and the albums I write about should get you to listen to them, and I hope it does. That’s the point after all, getting more music in more ears. I love music, in turn I kind of love the folks who make it, as an artist I get it. However that’s enough of my self rambling.

On to the real point now.

I’ve decided the easiest way to let you all into my wonky head is to present to you the music I like, in a different way: a Spotify playlist. This list will contain all the music I really, really like. Maybe you’ll find a band you never heard of, or you’ll see something on there you haven’t heard in a long time. Either way, I think, if you use Spotify, you’ll dig this playlist. This isn’t concentric to local, or whatever, hell N’Sync might pop up (no, it won’t) you just never know what will show up. So here it is, the Ink in Stereo Playlist. Boom.

Go ahead, share it.


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