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Titanics New E.P.

New tunes and Videos too!

Titanics New E.P.

 Ride that Chill Wave

Titanics is a band from New York with a beachy, chill wave vibe. I found out about them a few months ago when they were on their east coast tour and we tried so desperately to get them on. I mean picture shoe-less John Mclain, feet full of glass trying to save the world type of desperate. Well it didn’t work out (for us I mean, John Mclain is fine) and I will try to get them on the show again but in the meantime they are releasing a brand new E.P. on October the 7th this year. Along with that news comes two new tracks from said E.P. and two videos from said tracks from said E.P.

For your listening minds and prying eyes, I’d like to present to you Into and Stepping Out from Titanics new E.P. releasing October 7th.

“Into” Official Video

“Stepping” Out Official Video

Last Thoughts

I reviewed their last release with much love and because I love their music, this is no different. They have a thing I think for instrumental interludes, which “Into” is kind of like; instrumental for the most part and relaxed. “Stepping Out” is much more in the main vein of chill wave and a great song that had me hooked a few seconds in. I keep enjoying the music they are cranking out and love that they are putting effort into their instrumental pieces as well as their singles, if you will. To me it shows they are paying attention to all aspects of their music, to the things that make them tick and keep them writing the wonderful tunes we are hearing today.

You can find these new songs and more tunes on their Soundcloud.

Check em out and keep an ear out for their new E.P. releasing October 7th.


(Sorrynotsorry for the wave joke!)

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