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The band: Dreamcathcer; the album: Wonderlust. Using the phrase modified from “The Lord of the Rings” as a promotion teaser “All those who wonder are lost.” See, the themes running through this album are just beautiful. The title alone evokes a play on words, pondering, or being lost; deep in contemplative thought; wanting. This is all subjective, of course, and you’re in my world now, so these are my feelings on this album.

Let me start off by talking about a few songs from the disc. “Skin” is the first track, and a perfect first track. It tends to leave me wanting, longing for someone who doesn’t even exist. The song makes me want it being about me, or the idea of the seeker seeking whoever it is listening to the track. Chelsea’s vocals are open, haunting even; creating that atmosphere of need and want even more. This song sets in stone the tone of this album. It tells the listener this will be emotional, up and down, but it will be amazing.

“June” is a great song. The intro is open, big and full of reverb. There are a few songs that I love a good solo bass intro on, like The Damned’s “Love Song”, or Diiv’s “Doused” track, and this song is one of them. I love the bass, and the effects of it. Putting an effect on a bass gets one of two extremes, bad or good. I’ll let you decide, but I love it. Back on the vocals for this track. I’m usually not a fan of the same vocalist doing their own harmonies, however I don’t care here. The timing of the dynamics, the pitch is in the pocket the whole song and the placement of the vocals is brilliantly timed. All over a great track.

These two tracks stand out to me the most, I think because this whole album is great, but these two are nostalgic to me. What hits home to me is the openness and bigness of all the songs. Each member plays with heart, I can easily see the feeling of the songs translating through their playing. The drums on this album were just amazing. Anthony is quite original in his timing, doing things I would have never have thought of and see most drumers not doing. Especially on “Skin”, the floor tom….yes.

Dreamcather combines the elements of rock, new wave, and punk. I don’t like genre pegging but if you should recommend this album to anyone, which you should, it helps. I can’t begin to explain what this album does for me, it feels so personal. I know that stems from the outcome of honest writing, and I hope more bands stay true to who they are and what they do as it’s seldom place so much today. I hope Dreamcatcher keeps on moving forward, I wish them the best with this release. They have a new fan, me, and I will be waiting for more to come.

Please check out “Wonderlust” on bandcamp, and buy it. Help them keep making music. You can find links and stream the album below.

-Rick McVick


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