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Wrath – Stillglow

Wrath – Stillglow

This is a new release of a 7 part series Stillglow is putting out. So I have to admit, this took a listen or two to grow on me. I haven’t been listening to this type of music for a while, so I was going into this with an open mind. I had Stillglow on the show where they played an acoustic set, so hearing this new work made for a major contrast. It solidified the time they took in creating/adapting the full band sound to acoustic versions.

This album, titled Wrath, carries along with it a chaotic edge to fit that title. There’s yelling, strange stops, and distorted bass to throw it in your face. They used these elements to convey their concept well, it all feels angry. No song really carries with it an organized feeling; not in sloppiness but in structure. You start to groove on a section, then it switches and they never play it again, but they repeat core hooks just enough to remind you your still listening to the same song.

This is a three song release, but its pretty dense and the songs are long enough to give it weight. This string of records from Stillglow reminds me a bit of the Alchemy Index from Thrice, a concept album that spanned genre and subjects. At this point, they have release 2 of the 7 sins, with Wrath being one and Pride/Envy the other. Now, for me Wrath was a great listen but I just can’t find that bone in me for that genre unless it’s something from my past that has stuck with me a.k.a Glassjaw. That and I also carry a large sense of cynicism when it come to metal and rock because it’s been the most abused over the years. With Wrath though, it lowered my defenses enough that I was able to enjoy the record without being too critical, which I can be. All in all its a great set of tunes from a band doing things most aren’t: taking chances. To me that meant more that the music, or rather that supported the music.

Stillglow is a great band from Baltimore, MD. They are taking a chance on a concept release in the metal/rock world, and you just don’t see that often. I am looking forward to the next few releases and will be visiting Pride/Envy soon. You can stream Wrath below, or better yet, visit the Bandcamp and buy their discs. Help ensure their next releases to come and support em, right? Also, they were on the show and you can check that out below as well.

Great album guys, keep it up.



Episode 9 – Stillglow

Stillglow Bandcamp

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